Update:                                                                                          November 12, 2008


New Languages added!



Nine New Languages and 15 new voices posted online include Burmese, Khmer, Hausa, Vietnamese, Latvian, Indonesian, Finnish, Albanian, and Sinhalese. The total is now 58. Icelandic and Japanese files were also updated with additional articles and voices.

My next language mandate is to record Yiddish, Bulgarian, Bengali, Georgian, Thai and Bemba (from The Gambia).

I know I am missing another 5,942 but please bear with me…

Horace Mann School Presents World Voices:




Late January 2009 will hear World Voices at the Horace Mann School’s K-5 library for a week to ten days.  Go kids!!  It will be a fun and creative presentation orchestrated by involved parents and committed teachers. If anyone wants to spearhead a presentation at their school, please contact me.



I am starting to pursue an Olympic 2012 World Voices presentation in London. Any leads are welcome!

Audience Response

The WVP Promo Video from the South Street Seaport exhibit is posted on the World Voices Home page. To those of you who participated, thank you. You were all so eloquent. Check it out: http://www.worldvoicesproject.org/


EU and UN Sponsored Human Rights Leaders


On October 7-8, 2008, World Voices Project played at the EU and UN sponsored Human Rights Leader Conference in Brussels as an “audio only” presentation. Leaders from around the world listened to World Voices as they convened to talk about better ways to ensure that human rights are respected globally. For more information visit:

The Defenders Take The Floor


UN Human Rights Declaration  60th Anniversary

Renata Sivacolundhu of the UN Dept. of Public Information has been navigating the UN bureaucracy tirelessly to have World Voices played during the opening of the General Assembly meeting on December 10th. Logistics are being worked out and with the help of Ron Yoshida and his company, Hello World Communications, a DVD presentation will be forthcoming at the G.A. meeting.


Bernier Dance Performs to World Voices

In late April 2009 Bernier Dance company (www.bernierdance.org) will be presenting “Artists for Peace”, a multimedia performance incorporating World Voices and possibly the musical track “Our Dreams”. This year the funds they raise will go to KIVA, an organization that provides micro business loans to industrious people throughout the developing world. I looked at their web site and was compelled to loan to three different individuals in Togo, Nicaragua, and Tajikistan! Kiva is known to be a very effective program that helps people help themselves.


Thanks again to Zoran Zelic of ArchiCulture.net for his continuing design contributions.

t-shirt_mens_blackB.jpgt-shirt_mens_whiteZ.jpgLast But Not Least!


World Voices T-shirts are available on-line at our web site! Your purchase supports the project and our outreach efforts. Please buy a T-Shirt. Spread the word. World Voices are to be heard.

Thanks and all the best!


                   Brenda Ray and Zoran Zelic

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